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Codie The Robot: “a robotic toy that teaches kids the principles of coding”

CodieTheRobot “We have created a unique visual programming language, which organizes the code of robotics into blocks. Children can easily arrange these blocks to create programs, which is then run by the toy robot. While playing, you get familiar to basic coding principles like if-else structures, variables or subroutines. The next version of the app will support Java as well, you’ll be able to export your Codie program into Java, then modify the code there and then import back to see what has changed in the behavior of the robot.”

“We’re planning to implement Mindstorms compatibility in our app, so you would be able to program your sets with our visual coding language! We already have plans for the 2nd generation of Codie with a special board featuring LEGO pegs, so you can connect your bricks and bring new creations forth.”


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